February 05 2017

Atheist Woman Tirelessly Defends Islam On Facebook

A woman has made it her new hobby to tirelessly defend Islam on the internet, despite spending years espousing the moral superiority of atheism.

For as long as anyone can remember Sarah Rounder's other most enjoyable topic is mocking Christianity. Laughing at people who worship a "sky wizard" always brings a smile to her face and assures her of her deep insight into the nature of existentialism. This same level of smugness is also reached when she defends Islam on her facebook page to anyone who dares to question whether it might be just as silly to entertain.

"I know there isn't a god, but if there is one he would probably be Allah. What with him being multicultural and everything. Plus all the girls with the most friends on facebook are always using those hashtags like #notallmuslims and I'm pretty sure all the best comedians on the TV do the same. "

"The TV people never lie and don't have any agenda, because they are just there to entertain. That's why almost everyone thinks exactly as they do."