February 06 2017

Trump Literally Can Not Stop Laughing At The Anger Of The Left

Senior advisors to Donald Trump have told the Associated Press that since the election results and behind closed doors, he can not stop laughing.

"Every time he sees BLM protestors or angry Hillary voters on the news or on the internet, he laughs heartily for at least ten minutes at a time. Usually so much that it causes tears of joy."

"He refers to the numerous comments under each of his twitter posts as "the salt mine", between chuckles turning round to his personal office staff and saying things like "Look how hard these fags are raging."

Trump has had to take special classes in suppressing laughter at the absolute obliteration of his enemies in the political field, but is finding it hard.

"Look, I love all American people. We have some great people here, the best. The fifth column that has railed against me from the start though, well although they are awful people they do provide much needed entertainment." Trump said via a Whitehouse correspondent.

"When I push through all my executive orders deporting these traitors and building a wall, I think I'll have to take a full week off just to laugh at their responses. I've already got an oxygen tank standing by in case my life is in danger from being unable to breath at the hilarity of these babies crying like a bunch of bitches."