March 04 2017

Obama Responds To Wiretap Of Trump Tower Accusation - Says He "Dindu Nuffin"

President Trump has recently taken to twitter to lambast ex-president Obama for having apparently wiretapped Trump during the election.

It turns out that the Obama administration made two FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) requests in 2016 to wiretap the phone lines in Trump Tower and also to monitor a computer server for suspected ties to the Russian government.

No such ties were found.

We spoke exclusively to Obama to hear his defense of these actions.

"Whuttup dawg! Listen player, listen. I ain't do shit! I was framed by the KKK and also Russia. Russia hacked the FISA servers and put fake requests there. I finna find evidence real soon crackers. Y'all jus' be tripping."

We asked Obama what he would do if he was unable to procure the evidence of his innocence. If he was called to answer in a court of law, how would he respond?

"I keep telling you cracker, I dindu nuffin! Is you trying to disrespeck me? Is a homey gonna have to go Worldstar on yo ass?"

We assured the president that it was not us who doubted the veracity of his claims, but the ex-president continued to seem agitated.

"Whutever. Fuck y'all crackers, y'all crackers ain't shit. Dis interviewing beez over."

Obama, clearly perturbed with the path the interview had taken at this point took his leave, scowling as he crip walked away. His stance on the wiretapping allegations is clear. Whether law enforcement agree with him remains to be seen.