March 23 2017

After 57th Attack By Extremist Muslim Terrorists In The Last Twelve Months, Leftists Take To Twitter To Say The Attack Could Have Been Done By Anyone

After the terrible attack that took place in London yesterday which killed four humans and one terrorist, the response of the always vocal minority (remember - the UK voted for BREXIT - they are a minority) was to take to social media to decry people blaming Islam for the attacks.

After seeing one facebook user (Mr Ivor Ree-Tower) post "#prayforlondon not all muslims this could have just as easily have been perpetrated by an Anglican Christian!!!" we asked him for an interview.

"Of course this is a terrible thing to happen, but the bigger tragedy here is that racists and ant-islamists will use this as a reason to push a hateful ideology. There is no room in England for hateful ideology. Some would say that Islam is hateful, but they would be absolutely wrong."

"Sure, Islam had some problems in its infancy. It was spread directly through war and conquest, and enslavement, conversion or execution of the people it conquered - but it has come a long way since then. We rarely ever hear of attacks on non-believers these days, they can be as rare as weeks apart."

Speaking to a twitter user who posted "please let the attacker be white, please let the attacker be white" before all details were released (Mrs Libby Simperington) she told us that what happened was truly horrific.

"It's terrible, just awful! Think of all the racist people who will use this to their advantage. Of course this can't be helped, We all remember London Mayor Sadiq Khan saying a few weeks ago that terrorism is part and parcel of living in London. So obviously it's just the world we are living in today, and Islam has nothing to do with this."

"There are countless attacks by Muslims every day in Muslim countries but these are barely reported on. Scores of people die every week in other countries, but as soon as four people are killed in Europe everyone loses their mind."

At this point the interview was hijacked by a passing skinhead, who grabbed the microphone after hearing this and told us,

"Look, if I wake up in the morning and see shit in my toilet, I don't think anything of it. If I find shit in my kitchen, well then we have a problem."

The UK police force immediately swooped on this man and tazered him on the spot for hate speech.

The Daily Online wishes to express their utmost sympathies for all hurt in the attack. Hopefuly we can find a way of preventing it from happening again somehow.